About Me

What’s up guys, my name is Allison and this is my blog!

I wanted to create a blog that was raw and honest and something that I could relate to from experience and so internet dating came to my mind.

I am the queen of internet dating, just talk to my friends about it (lol). I have had a lot of hits and A LOT of misses but you need to go into internet dating with the mind set of trial and error.

Besides my experience with internet dating, I love snowboarding, going to the bars with my friends, anything that involves being creative, and music.

I am from Southern California and I have been to many many different music festivals. I swear music festivals are an addiction!

I have been to Coachella for 5 years, Hard Summer twice, Snowglobe once, and Lightening in a Bottle once as well. If it isn’t obvious, Coachella is my all time favorite.

It brings everyone and all types of music genres together and the vibes are so amazing because everyone accepts you for who you are and everyone is just so friendly and happy.

Anything that involves being surrounded by a good group of people and music makes me happy.

Now that you know a little about me, I hope that you enjoy my blog and get some use out of it!