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Free dating sites - are they worth the money?

Short Answer: Yes, you bet they are.

Longer Answer: When most of us think about free stuff, the old adage "You get what you pay for" comes to mind. And while this is almost always true, the topic can be more involved than it would appear. In the case of free dating sites, the site earns it's revenue through advertising. That's the same advertising you see all over the web, be it a free site or a subscription site. In fact, even the subscription dating sites have advertising, so you're not really getting away from it when you opt for the subscription ( paid ) site.

So what do the paid sites give you that the free sites don't? Not much, if you choose the right free site. In fact, some of the free site's features surpass some of the paid sites. How can this be you ask? Doesn't this fly in the face of traditional logic? Doesn't this mean that people are spending their money on paid dating sites for no good reason?

Well, frankly, that's exactly what it means. Don't get us wrong here - we're not claiming that paid sites are evil and free sites are handed down from on high - the point here is that 21st century business modals are constantly evolving and it's going to be awhile before we see changes in revenue models based in reality. Traditional businesses are reluctant to give up the old ways, and who can blame them? And let's face it, there will always be a large group of people who simply refuse to change with the times.    «« Continue Reading »»

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Today's HOT site   OK Cupid - hot new free dating site

Ok Cupid has been described as ...
  • "The Google of online dating." --The Boston Globe
  • "A favorite hangout for internet goers." --The Village Voice.
  • "The best free dating site."
  • "OK Cupid is probably the most advanced dating site on the web these days." -- Us.
What if you've had your last bad date?

Trying to get to know someone can be hard enough all by itself. Throw in the complexities of today's busy lifestyle, and it can be downright difficult. That's why millions of singles have chosen PerfectMatch to not only help them sort it all out, but to make it a lot of fun in the process! If you haven't stopped by, you really owe it to yourself to drop by and take advantage of the great deals being offered over the next few days. Many dating sites make a lot of promises that go unfufilled, but you won't find that here. It's just superior personality matching -- made easy.

Adult dating on the rise

It's been over 15 years now since online dating made it's first appearence on the web. In the beginning, internet dating sites weren't much more than the personals section of a newspaper placed online. Those days are gone Adult Internet Dating comes into it's own now, and internet dating is big business. Wall Street tells us that over 2.8 billion dollars were spent on online dating in 2011. That's $2,800,000,000.00!

Aside from the economic growth that online dating has experienced, an amazing variety of internet dating sites and services has emerged. What used to be restricted to the privacy of the bedroom, or at least the household, has now been placed on the home page of any of hundreds of "alternative" dating sites. For some graphically explicit examples, visit just for fun. Please remember that the sites over there are meant for adults only. If you're a parent, listing sites to keep your children out of, this is certainly one to make note of. Likewise, if you're a minor yourself, please check with an adult before perusing.

As American as apple pie

You may have seen the TV ad's for, they're the people who talk about a certain other big name dating site "rejecting" potential members left and right. claims that not only will they find you a match, but that they'll find your match in record time. Adult Friend Finder - Meet someone VERY friendly tonight! Ridiculous you say? Well, this is quite a claim, especially considering the success rate of that other "big" dating site. You're in luck though - was created by the people at, one of the oldest and most popular dating/social networking sites around. If anyone can stand behind such a claim, it's the folk at Right now, is offering a spectacular deal for first time members. You rarely see such an offer from these "relationship" sites, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Dating is fun

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